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About Me

I offer special programs, courses to little ones and adults, so they can create their own world. I’m not a relationship expert, nor an academic professor. I’ve lived my own calvary, and learning from these practical experiences I developed and created these special courses.

I don’t want to pass on any views, but to help you to have a greater view of your own self and your life. What works on a small scale, also effects the whole. With you changing, you contribute to the world’s transformation. This world now has a bigger need for happy, giggling faces to appear everywhere.

About me


Recently we went on a two-day trip to Esztergom and again, the body treatment, which Szilvi taught me, and I used for healing my knee, had done wonders for me. We took a folding chair, that if needed, I could use to rest, but the first day I never even once used it. The previous days I applied the body treatment on my knee, and this was the result. During the second day of the trip I used the chair only once, though we walked a lot. That encouraged me to dare to take smaller excursions in the future. Thanks a million for your help!

Nánási Ani

For me the most important thing that Szilvi gave me, is the knowledge that emanates from her, and that after almost two years I can restfully sleep again. I’ve been thinking for a long time only on the physical level about the possible causes of my restless sleep, and when we met, you mentioned, what could be the real reason, and I am very grateful for you, that finally I can sleep through the night again. In addition, my life turned upside down, in the best sense. I feel, that I live my days with much better quality! Thank you for everything!

Smeller Kitty

I received the examination results. It improved from P4 to P3 and I only have HPV suspicion. I was advised to go back for a control checkup only 3 months later. Surgery due to lack of interest is canceled.

Tóth Ildikó

I am grateful every day, that after all these years of struggle, progress making, blocks solving and realizations, finally peace and unity prevail in my soul again… but this peace now is not dependent on others! Thank you for your contribution to this! I’m grateful for it.

Teimel Zita

My experience with Szilvi was wonderful. My “journey” led me from the chained labels of the past into even more remote distances. Due to the harmony she created, I touched issues, which until now I haven’t managed to communicate to anyone. After this, cloudless happiness, lightness filled me which still accompanies me in my everyday life. The feeling is indescribable, which crystal clearly revealed and opened up doors, approving myself. THANK YOU.

Szabó Ferenc

I always had doubts about myself! In relationships and knowledge wise too. Szilvia helped me to open my heart and explore, how I can readjust all these bad feelings. Through Szilvia I received guidance, and since then I’m working on myself. Thank you very much for your help and the loving atmosphere!

Kuglits Nikolett