Conscious Creation

When you like to create something, there are three essential points in the process:

1.The object of your creation and the wording of your request

2.Space, consciousness, and energy as the infinite being’s form of expression

3.The request’s manifestation

Our core language is energy. What is activating the creation process is the energy behind the words, not the spoken word itself. With your spoken request, you activate the elementals and they will help you actualize the subject of your request. Your presence is essential because you exist in the all potential state and your request will activate the space, which will move the creation forward.

With the help of the elementals, you can create anything and it will manifest in your physical reality.
When you start to operate in higher dimensions, your request can manifest immediately, so it is important to know exactly what is that you want. Regarding this and proving a point, I will tell you what happened to me recently.

I was wondering in the forest and I saw many banana slugs. I wished for a moment that I could touch one of them without judgment and then continued with my walk. As I arrived home, I found a banana slug in my apartment in a photo on my kitchen counter. This little slug was waiting for me in the frame. It happened exactly as I wished for and I wasn’t found it repellent at all.

What is to learn from all this? Tho my desire showed up partly unconsciously, I still managed to create it in the physical world. With this course I would like to be of contribution for those, who want to shape their world with conscious creation by enhancing their abilities.