Consultation and Treatment

You may choose the practical method of body treatments, like craniosacral biodinamic process – whichever is the one you feel that will help preserving your health.

The body processes contain a line of targeted questions, which will help us to map out and change what you’ve been created.

Whatever you have created you are able to change. Since you have generated and passed through so many things, often you can not even recall when and what and how it all emerged. When a symptom shows up, may it be a psychical or a body related one, it was created as a result of the reactions, feelings and point of views based on your experiences. All spiritual and physical deseases are a solid manifestation of them.

Over the years, I have elaborated a method which makes my activity uniqe, efficient and also reduces the duration of the processes. Along with a perception that still few people bear nowadays, I give you lead on to what and how you have created. In the course of my work I aim you to pick up not only self-knowledge, beside changing your pass, but also to enable you to get a view onto your capacities and values forgotten a long time ago. Price is meant by processes.

And for those who would like to acquire the knowledge of my work experience or to go on further education in this field in order to live a life by being the real themselves, so for those people, I recommend participation on the classes and programms.

Online or personal consultation:
For children
25.000 Ft/ 60 min.
For adults
40.000 Ft/ 60 min.
45.000 Ft/ 90 min.
Ft/ 120 min.

You can apply for a treatment in Budapest:

45.000 Ft/ 60 min.

Appointment for the treatment and for more information, you can fill the application form bellow.