Sustainable Future

Sustainable Future

Did you know that the Earth is a conscious living organism? Fish, deep in the ocean follow the currents, animals according to seasons migrate and change their residence. The Earth is a talking, moving wonder. Everything has its place and time and operate in coordination with each other. Man ignored this ancient law, has no respect for the environment, nor the habitats of the animals, so the Earth had tipped out of balance. As our bodies, the Earth also seeks balance and harmony. In its absence it will fall ill.

What kind of future do you imagine for our children? Wars, famine, disease and isolation? The Earth is calling you. Requesting your contribution, so it may heal itself. Separation doesn’t help. What is it that you know, that no one else knows besides you? What skills do you have with which you could support it? Would you be willing to show these?

The programs, I have created can help rediscover your already existing knowledge. You can meet new people, new life forms, and you can discover a world you could never dream of. The Earth is calling you.

Is the Earth calling to you?

Have you ever felt that animals are talking to you? Do they appear around you when you walk? The trees, the plants touch you, and when you are in nature, you may feel inexplicable joy. Did you know that this way you are healing the Earth? Your smile is a gift to the Earth, and your mere presence is a cure. What kind of skills do you have that you haven’t discovered yet? Would you like to create a happier world? The Earth is calling you.

Participation fee:

50 euro
For children are free of cost

Time and location:

Veszprem, 13.00-16.00 April 2, 2023