Conscious Creation

Conscious Creation

This invitation is for those who like to activate their power of creation for immediate manifestation. How can you create or change anything with energy activations, backed up with practical examples. During the course we are talking about the process of creation and its practicality and what factors we have to taking into consideration when we want to create. We learn how to power those energy forms (aka. elementals) which help us create anything under short time. During the course, you can activate your own abilities and we start those processes what will help you with your requests to manifest immediately. A girl who had fear of water before could learn how to swim under half an hour with my help. We were in Malaysia at a seven day course. You can see the video we made there at my site: What do you want to create? How can you make momentum in the world with your own creations?

There will be an audio recording of the course which you will receive.

Participation fee:

36.000 HUF

Date and location:

Coming soon