Differently about relationship

Differently about relationship

First, never give up on your dreams! You always knew that existed someone somewhere, with whom you could form a couple. Although he will not arrive on a white horse, and you can’t call him the real one either, yet you still hope that he exists outside of the Hollywood movies too. The dream partner and the relationship with him is not a movie-made scene, but a flesh-and-blood reality. It’s like riding a wave. In life there could be things making your cooperation difficult, still you must be able to keep an eye on the relationship, while not giving yourself up even for a moment.

Everyone desires a matching couple, yet in reality it seems that it does not exists. Are you curious about the secret, how such a relationship could be established? Now days the relationship area is the one, where the biggest change is required. I await you with completely new instruments and methods, to use them to create what really works for you.

Participation fee:

35.000 HUF

Time and location:

Veszprem, 9.00-13.00, March 26, 2023