What does it mean parenting today?

Nowadays the most discussed topic is parenting. What does it mean to be a parent nowadays? How to be a good parent? What to permit for children, how to raise them? We base our methods most of all on the way we were raised, what we’ve seen from our parents and the environment; based on habitual routines rather than on real needs. As the world changes, so change the children, and according to this should the way of education change. What twenty years ago worked, today can be used less successfully.

The first and most basic question is, what do we want? To raise a happy or a frustrated child? Can burdened kids become joyful adults? Do we want to tame them to our image, or to show them opportunities, to be able to create their own lives?
Nowadays more and more children are born, who are regarded as defective by the society. I’m talking here for example, autism, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. Due to former educational principles and the general confusion, these children are even more exposed to condemnation, and instead of developing their skills, they are forced to suppress them. Are they characterized by the absence of focused attention, or they possess some kind of abilities that wasn’t typical of this world till now? Do they have an ability of simultaneous detection of multi-tasks and fast information treatment? What if their senses are far above the average man, and that is why they can’t communicate the standard way? The question-based practical method allows us without generalization to map the real reasons behind a child’s behavior, which allows for both the parent and the child to become more conscious about their abilities and properties. The goal is not to uniform or box them, but to have them create their own world, thus enriching us and their environment.

The main subjects of the course

– What are the pros and cons of the video games in the lives of the growing generation as they are spending great amount of time playing with them?
– What it means to be a child in a society when things loosing value?
– Besides the assessment of our current educational system, how can we support our children to have a healthy self-esteem?
– How could our children lead a happy life as children of divorced parents or living in a mosaic-family when two families join together?
– What are the main parenting roles and patterns in our society?
– How can we become ideal parents without usual habits?

Participation fee:

35.000 HUF

Time and location:

Veszprem, 9.00-13.00, 25 of March, 2023