Everything begins with a touch. When you were born, your skin encountered the world and your mother’s breast touched your lips. This nourishment is – when it is real – comes from a soft kindness which creates the base of the human physical interactions. These first encounters with touch also creates our ways how we will interact with others through touch, how softly we can approach them and how much can we accept the touch from others.
Every roughness what we give towards each other (mother-child, wife-husband) is breaking that soft acceptance of which is based on the open trust.

How did your parents nourished your body? Can you honor this nourishment? Are you choosing your sexual partners?
Where is the humanity, the value of warm feelings and soft, delicate touch? I am asking where is the humanity and what is sexuality really means?
Extremity put aside, what intimacy means to you? In your opinion, how could we cultivate and live it humanly and nice?
This course is for those who dare and want to talk about intimacy without any taboos. For those who dare and want to show what sexuality means to them.
Questions, clearings and body processes for nurturing your body.

Participation fee:

35.000 HUF, 30.000 HUF for couples

Providing half price under the age of 18

Date and location:

Veszprem, 9.00-13.00, 2 of April, 2023